Best Su-27 Kit in 1/48

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    Hey guys, I just picked up a decal set a month ago for Lipetsk Top Guns, it has a couple interesting color schemes for aircraft, but the only Su-27 I have is in 1/72 and while going through this set today, I saw that it was decals for a 1/48 Su-27, Mig-29, Su-25 etc

    Now since I'm a big fan of the Su-27, which kit would you guys recommend as "the best"

    Keep in mind it'll most likely end up being a Su-27S or something similar (maybe the upgraded version) I don't like canopies with seems in them, so I'll either need a replacement to purchase or....a no seem canopy already standard in the kit :D

    Thanks guys for any advice on this :D

    In your opinions in terms of accuracy/value for money/build quality?

    Thanks all :D

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