Best Tank/Anti-tank gun

What 'side' does your chosen favourite belong to?

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
I'll be a wee bit different and say the German 7.5cm pak 40 can opener. the 17 lb and 8.8cm were much too heavy, especially the latter in the AT role. the Pak 40 was very low and easy to move. drawback was the long rod that had to be heavily camo'd. great range, ease of movement and could be hauled by almost all 4wheeled vehicles and even tracked vehicles to it's destination. Standard fit as the usual 3./Kompanie AT weapon in a Panzerjäger Abteilung. proven equipment on the West und Ost fronts through Battle of Berlin.


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1st Lieutenant
Feb 6, 2005
The British 17pdr and German 88mm Kwk43 gets my vote for sure.

However the most impressive for its size has got to be the 17pdr, a truly remarkable AT gun for its size.


Senior Airman
Aug 8, 2005
I think the Pak43 with PzGr44 (APFDS) had the best penetration of the war?

I think it equalled the 20pounder, though IIRC someone here said that the latter wasn't too hot vs the IS3?

IIRC an '88' L100 was fired with APFDS? :twisted:

Either that or the 32pdr with SVDS! 8)

Any more contenders?

You know Erich, that's not a bad choice. :)

Mobility for infantry is good.

I have been looking at this last year and found that the SU-76 (Suka/bitch)

was useful as it could get where water couldn't!

For mountain troops etc, that was important.

The German guns aren't so hot there.

The 37mm was mobile and was used in the Stuka I think? - but it did not have good penetration and in the Stuka used up precious Tungsten supplies. It was the 1st true anti-tank gun though?

A lot of Pak40's were abondoned in Russia too for being too heavy.

The Pak43 88mm was absolutely hated for this and called 'the barn door'.

The best would be the 50mm L60, very low silhouette, could destroy any tank in an ambush and was quick-firing.

The 6pounder was also good, fitted to a Mosquito IIRC?

In the 1st encouter with Tigers, it came out on top!

Also with SVDS/APDS rounds in '44, it was still pretty lethal. 8)

The 2pdr 'LittleJohn' wasn't too bad either! :p

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