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    i'm sorry if i ask a stupid question...

    what is the difference between bf 109 C and D series? i mean from the visual identification, i know they have different engine and D have Revi C/12 D gunsight if i'm not wrong

    what i've read from "Messerschmitt Bf 109 in Action" by John R. Beaman Jerry L. Campbel, Squadron/signal publications aircraft no.44 (i know maybe it's a lame book :oops: but that's what i have now)
    D have different tail wheel, where cantilever leg from C is replaced by the braced one.

    is that true? or is there more than just that?
    i saw some pictures of bf 109 C series and it have tail wheel that like D series (the braced one)
    and know i'm confused what the different between C and D except the engine


    this is what i mean...

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