Bf-109E-4 at SkinnersHeaven

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May 6, 2005


Several Bf 109E's were captured intact by the French shortly after the outbreak of war in September 1939. They were taken at once to the flight test centre at Bricy near Orleans and were the subject of very thorough descriptive and brief performance by the French Aeronautical Service. At the conclusion of the French trials at least two Bf 109E's, still in French markings, were sent to the Aeroplane Armament Experimental Establishment, by then at Boscombe Down, having transferred there from Martlesham Heath upon the outbreak of the war." AE479 "arrived at Boscombe Down on May 3, 1940 escorted by a Husdon and three Blenheims. Much of the subsequent evaluation was carried out by Fg Off J.E. Pebody

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