Bf 110G upgrade

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Apr 1, 2014
The Bf110G appeard in late 1942. It s basic configuration remained unchanged until the end of war. The typical max speed for the clean day version was 595 km/h at 6200m
Using Mw50 for it s Db 605A engines would up 650 ps.
What speed gain could be expected, especially if that huge tail landing gear was retracable?
Dont think the gain in speed would have been great or worthwhile. It would have happened if it was. Besides that is was a plane allready to be fased out. The failure of the 210 etc. Stop gap but it worked.
A certain speed it was build to do just that.. Cant mix with fighters like P-51, 47 38 and spitfires. Bombers yes if there where no little friends. Night is good for this airframe.
Now speed at night imho is not that important if just a bit faster then target . Detection system airplane radar and guns are trumping top speed.
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They were working on a Bf 110H version although they cancelled it after most plans were destroyed by a bombing attack and the Ju 88G proved to be far superior as night fighter.
Not much is known of the Bf 110H design goals, probably adapting to the high alt DB 605AS/ DB engines. Both those were more worth installing into day fighters as the Ju 88G.. ( see above)

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