Bf109 Plate

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Dec 25, 2020
Hi everyone,

we found this plate on the crash site of Bf 109G Werk 410257 from 1./NAGr 13 which was shot down in North Brittany on 21/1/44 by Typhoons of 266 squadron.

The number of the plate don't match exactly with the Werk Nr of the A/C but they are astonishingly close (102557 vs 410257).

Any explanation ? could it be that the archives have a typo in the A/C Wnr ? would 1 02557 ring like a batch of Bf109 Wnr ?

Thanks and stay safe.

plate 1.JPG
The Werk Nummer for an aircraft doesn't mean that all parts of the plane has the same numbers or similar. There were many co-manufacturers making the plane components. Each of them could use the own system of marking for parts. For instance, the main ID plate contained the manufacturer's name, the werk nummer , the aircraft type, etc. All devices used for the plane had their own ID dataplates with similar info. But the numbers were different . So if it is a remnant of a such ID plate the number is not necessarily an a/c serial but it may be a piece of the info being knocked there only.



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