Bf109E leading edge slats

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Rodders 61

Jun 16, 2023
Hi All,
Hope it's not a silly question but i,m doing the Airfix 1/48 Bf109E-1 and wanted to ask if the leading edge slats would be open on the ground. I've seen models with them extended and closed. Just wondered what the correct position is if there is one.
Hey Rodders 61,

My understanding is that either one is correct. I have seen pictures of the various 109 models with the slats extended sitting on the ground just after landing. The slats were free moving and they extended or stowed based on aerodynamic forces when in flight - the pilot had no control over them other than by changing speed and/or AOA. Bumping along on the ground after landing would usually cause them to extend if they were not already.

Operationally, I believe it was standard practice for the pilots and/or ground crew to stow the slats when the aircraft was being ground handled or while parked - in order to help reduce the chance of accidental damage. But the preflight check included making sure the slats could move freely, so they would usually be extended in the photos of the aircraft just before Taxi and TO.
I agree. The free-moving Handley Page type slats for the Bf 109 either could be extended or stowed. It depended on the pilot or the maintence crew if they remembered of the manual pushing back slats into the wing while the plane was parked. The slats were remained there ( at the stowed position ) until the aircraft was moved.
You may find videos of a preflight walk around where the pilot pulls out the slat and pushes it in to check there are no binds.
Maybe good for a diorama, one in and pilot pulling the other out while on the ramp.

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