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Dec 23, 2003
After world war 2 south american airforces bought surplus P-51s from the americans, they used them until the 60s then my grandpas buisness partner bought 2 of them for 10 grand!! :cry: . Why my grandpa didnt buy ten i dont know..... His partner went to pick them up and flew them home on the way back he had to land at a restricted millitary base because of low fuel levels. They inspected the planes and they still had the paint jobs and ensignias of south america. The also found that the six 50.caliber machine guns were still fully fireable and wernt leaded in. fortunatly he was allowed to go home but had to lead the 50 cals in of corse. He painted them, made one a double seat and sold them for a very high price years later.
Sadly, there are alot of stories of WWII aircraft that were acquired on the cheap and treated like rummage sale scrap. The P-38 that is in our museum (soon to be gone) was purchased from the reclamation center for $1,250!

The movie "Battle of Britain" used a bunch of WWII German fighters and bombers that today would be worth a fortune. What ever happened to them? I know that they were part of the Spanish Air Force when the movie was filmed, but afterwards, who knows? The last flyable He-111 crashed a few years ago.
There's one in an unrecovered state at Hendon, there's a composite of several crashes at Yorkshire Air Museum Elvington and there's one in Canada being restored but I don't know to what condition (flying, taxiable, static)
no kiddin eh, after the war anybody could buy a mint condition lancaster from the local airbase for the grand total of 350$
farmers bought them for chicken coops

But around calgary there is somewarbird restoration going on, as far as i know there is a hurricane being restored to flying condition and a mossy on the list to be. The museums lancaster is too far gone because of a cracked spar no engines, its been gutted and has a primer paint job, to make it worse some kids got in it and smashed it to hell. The one in nanton is much better though not flyable and will take a COMPLETE rebuilt from wheels up which will cost 10mill the whole town of nanton doesnt have that so theres no hope in sight for it flying, but it is quite an expierience to go in it. there is alot of warbirds in my area, in many museums but there should be more. Another example is another restored hurricane that was found in a barn in a haystack.
ill find some


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no seriously it is in the museum and everything, the archives, i live right by a old training base, lots of lancs were there
Crazy said:
$350... I don't know whether to dream fondly of buying a mint-condition bomber for that amount, or to be sick at the incredible wasteful purposes people put them to :confused:
heres an example of what the bombers were used for after the war, a cattle shelter, this is the lancaster that is now in the nanton museum

heres the site with a complete history of this lanc. its pretty intresting


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