Bill Gunston Book

Oct 22, 2020
My daughter who works at Goodwill, Bought me copy of Bill Gunston's book. Classic WW II Aircraft Cutaways! Published by Barnes & Noble! :neutral2:

Christopher Tarana


1st Sergeant
May 30, 2011
Cape Canaveral
Yes, I have three copies of that book, for some strange reason. I especially like the artwork on the Mustang Mk 1. I probably bought at least one of those copies just to cut those pages out and frame them.
Other books with aircraft cutways include:
The Anatomy of Aircraft by Bill Gunston (I have three copies of that, too).
Aircraft Design of WWII A Sketchbook by Lockheed Aircraft Corp. It has some of the same drawings as the B&N "Classic" book
The World's Great Fighter Aircraft by William Green and Gordon Swanborough. I REALLY recommend that one! You can get it for as low $6 on ebay,

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