Black B-26 units in the Pacific?

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Chief Master Sergeant
May 13, 2018
Met him at an airshow in the 80s. The years may have mellowed him. Also met Ens, George Gay at the same show. While I was in the Airforce (1960) met Chennault's son. Looked very much like his father. I think he was a Major and he tooled up in a new F-105 and as he walked over, after a few minutes, I was impressed by how old, wrinkled and worn his flight suit was and how wrinkled his face was. It was as if his father, Claire, had just landed.. In 1959, just after reporting to the USAF I met Boyington's son, also in the AirForce. Taller than Greg and had sort of blonde hair as i remember.


Airman 1st Class
Sep 28, 2009
Regarding the wiki piece - It could be that he once told someone, "I was with B-26s training for the Pacific" and someone mistakenly thought he was claiming to be a pilot. For many people, when they hear that someoen was in the Air Force, the first thing they think of is a pilot.

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