Black Hawk Helicopter manual

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Aug 21, 2006
One Black Hawk Helicopter Manual

For public use.



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Yeah its the 10 manual for the UH-60Q, figured if some one asked you to scan it there is no reason. PDF one already exists if you know what I mean
The -10 for the Q should be the same as the other.

My -10 is a UH-60 Blackhawk Operators Manual (the one that I was issued in the Army and kept in the back of my crew seat) and it coved the "A", "L" "HH" and "Q".

The "M" will probably have its own manual.
Have no idea, maybe this one is different. When I open the manual the only thing it says is for the UH60-Q helicopter. Interesting, will take your word for it. Ive never read the manual. Just happened to have it on the hard drive.
One Black Hawk Helicopter Manual

For public use.

For more completed UH-60A AFM, AMM, SRM, WDM, IPC including engines manuals, please refer to:
Sikorsky 1970s 9-ton UH-60A Early Varient free manuals: AFM, AMM of every system including engines, SRM(in AMM), WDM(in AMM), IPC:

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