bomb unsure if this site covers ww1 if not any help would be great ! i have what i think is a ww1 bomb found on a rfc airfield

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Apr 22, 2019
not sure if is relevant as the are ww1 I was given them by a guy who said they were found on a RFC airfield , told me it was a bomb ! if it's not suitable to post it on here can anyone point me in the right direction or site , thank you Bob


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The most rusty piece looks like a part of the RFC 3lb hand dropped practice bomb ... does it have a slot of quite small diameter at the front?

RFC 3lb hand dropped practice bomb.jpg

RFC 3lb hand dropped practice bomb_a.jpg

the source: the net.
thanks for your reply Wurger can't see a hole in the top , but it is very rusty


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I see. The practice bombs didn't have the fuse. So the hole at the front wasn't needed. I noted the length of the piece is about 4" what is the same in the pic I posted above. Also the notch around the head looks the same.
anyone know what this is ? it looks like a type of fuse has a metal pin one end and what to be rolled up material in the case , could it be cordite or similar if so could it still be dangerous


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