Bong's P-38 ?

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Jan 10, 2006
Västerås, Sweden

I'm looking for pictures (drawings and/or photographs) of a P-38, flown by Richard Bong, but not the usual ones. What I'd like to see is a P-38 with OD/Neutral Gray scheme.

I found one picture in the internet, is this really Bong's aircraft on the foreground? PICTURE

Any advice or link to a website would be appreciated.

That picture is 2 factory fresh P-38s over the San Gabreal Mountains, just several miles from the Burbank factory - several prints of that photo was found all over the old Burbank plant.

This was from the 39th FS website, Tommy Lynch's P-38, Bong's first P-38 was probably similar...


Here's a 1943 mount 9th FS, 49th FG, Russian site


We always hear about Bong's P-38 "Margie" but he actually flew many missions in a P-38 named "Downbeat" and it was in this aircraft where he and Tommy McGuire flew many missions together.

From a Russian Site:


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