Books from Japanese WW2 Naval Aviators or Engineers - Authors or Interviews

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Jan 26, 2022
As the title says, I am looking for books written by or taking accounts from WW2 Japanese pilots or engineers. I already have a few and am looking to expand my collection. Any recommendations you all have would be very helpful to me.

What do you already have?
As of right now, I have "The Last Zero Fighter" by Dan King, "Eagles of Mitsubishi" by Jiro Horikoshi, "Memoirs of a Kamikaze" by Kazuo Odachi, and "The Emperor's Sea Eagle" by Abe Zenji. I have Saburo Sakai's "Samurai!" book in my wishlist, but I am still looking for more. Any recommendations would be nice.

"Zero Fighter" by Yoshimura, Akira. A gem of a book.

"Mitsubishi Zero" by Peter C. Smith. Contains some very good first person accounts.

"Zero Hour In Broome" by Dr. Tom Lewis. Specific to attacks on the town in WA from Timor, three of which were made. Most accounts by the Japanese are in the 'third person'.

"Beyond Pearl Harbour" by Ron Werneth. Broader in subject than just Zero fighter pilots (althought it does provide several first person accounts in detail). Also covers Carrier Bomber and Carrier Attack pilots as well.

And the classic "Eagles Of The Southern Sky. The Tainan Air Group In WWII" by Luca Ruffato and Michael Clarinbould. Great detail on many of the pilots that flew with this premier Group.
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