Bristol Beaufort manuals and documents

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Sep 19, 2012
Aw flaming stralia
This is a start - a very tired photocopy of the Mk II flight manual cleaned up. Don't have much else from memory. I think I got rid of the rest of my RAF Beaufort stuff but if I find it I will add here.

Everyone else who has Beaufort manuals and documents is welcome to add to my meagre offerings.



  • AP 1580B-PN Beaufort II ww2 OCR.pdf
    904.2 KB · Views: 110
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Here is what I got from the National Archives of Australia and yes I have spent a ton of time exploring there archive. Some stuff not easy to find :)


  • Beaufort Aircraft bomb & torpedo compartments.pdf
    22.8 MB · Views: 95
  • Beaufort aircraft attention the weight increase.pdf
    781.6 KB · Views: 92
  • Beafort repair methods.pdf
    4 MB · Views: 86
  • Beafort Aircraft armouring.pdf
    28.4 MB · Views: 91
  • Beaufort Aircraft engine cowlings.pdf
    8.6 MB · Views: 94
  • Beaufort Aircraft Engines production.pdf
    10.6 MB · Views: 85
  • Beaufort aircraft fin modification.pdf
    3.5 MB · Views: 78
  • Beaufort Aircraft Fuel tanks and mountings.pdf
    47.8 MB · Views: 85
  • Beaufort aircraft Part 2.pdf
    73.1 MB · Views: 90
  • Beaufort Aircraft Range.pdf
    86.9 MB · Views: 87
  • Beaufort aircraft tail unit.pdf
    21 MB · Views: 88
  • Beaufort Aircraft under Carriage.pdf
    40.4 MB · Views: 87
  • Beaufort armouring.pdf
    28.4 MB · Views: 86
  • RAAF pilot notes Beaufort.pdf
    9.8 MB · Views: 94


  • Beafort front nose guns.pdf
    25.9 MB · Views: 106
  • Beaufort main plane ribs modification.pdf
    2.2 MB · Views: 87
  • Beaufort night search aircraft.pdf
    24 MB · Views: 89
  • Beaufort power table and engine operation.pdf
    3.8 MB · Views: 87
  • Beaufort repair methods.pdf
    4 MB · Views: 82
  • Provision of aircraft for patrol puroses and serviceablitly of Beaufort Aircraft.pdf
    6 MB · Views: 92
Thanks Micdrow
I have some more I will fish out and post - including at least one that has since disappeared off the archives catalog that I got as a photocopy eons ago. Part of the problem is that the staff at archives have the motto "she'll be right mate" so that many of the file titles and dates are wrong. There are a bunch of Wirraway and Beaufort files dated as opened and closed on 1 January 1880, another bunch dated 1903 to 1985, words are misspelt, (eg on Beaufort file is actually a fighter file), etc. And that is before you have to weed out the town of Beaufort, Beaufort scale (weather) etc etc

Obviously they have no quality control and those and many other problems were raised at a government inquiry by many people ranging from Australias top legal academics down to ordinary users some five years back. Not one of the quality control issues has been fixed despite the long official report.
Agreed, they seem to scan everything and somethings are in there way more then they should. though you can find gems in them. Some of them that I have posted here of other aircraft. I have cleaned up. these I have not had a chance to go through. I have more but currently at my parents house. My dad on Hospice so will not be uploading for a while. I may have a few more lying around at home :)

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