Brodie System-L-5 on an LST

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Nov 25, 2006
Working on a new project. Any one out there have info on the Brodie System? The series of masts and cables stuck out the side of an LST(Landing Ship Tank) in order to launch and trap L-4 and L-5 spotter A/C for the army artillery.

It was actually used in combat at Saipan and Okinawa on LST 776. I've dredged up some snapshots off the web, and some accounts of its development, but am still looking for accounts of its usage in combat and ....dream on....perhaps more detailed photos of the rig or even measurements of the thing.

Here is a rough up composition of the thing. I have a lot of detailing out to do IF I can get enough data to put together a believable piece.

Happy New Year

Images and Illustrations at


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Okay, what would that netting type stuff be? Rope, wire on the CM render of the system?

My Dad flew one of these planes on the ICEBERG invasion of Okinawa and on the preparations to invade. He flew and spotted for Artillery.
Thanks for the info on which LST. I will look up in the OPORD for Tenth Army to see if that was one of the invasion craft.

Dan Lair

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