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Aug 15, 2011

I am interested in purchasing some of the DVD blueprint sets that you can find on ebay and elsewhere. I am wondering if anyone has bought any of these sets and would be willing to offer an opinion about the quality of the sets and the sellers.

Maybe there is a better source that someone could recommend?

Here are some examples for the Fw-190. I have seen sets offered in various places, for example:

FW 190 Blueprints Ta152 Fw_190, Aircraft Plans - Focke Wulf 190

WW2 German Flugzeug Bauplan Blueprints - Fw190 A - D

FOCKE WULF FW-190 Blueprints TA152 Aircraft Plans [fp_fw190] - $119.00 : PLANS.AERO™

Many Thanks!

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Well, I bought both: Me 109 and FW 190 (2 DVD´s each). Don´t expect enough stuff as needed to build your own bird. It is rather a mix of factory blueprints, mainly cross sections, redrawing of the same blueprints in several formats: .dwg, .pdf. etc., most of the manuals available in the web, factory blueprints of small parts that I not always can recognize.
It is a good acquisition for a collector, but not essential for a good modeller. It is my humble opinion based in the fact that each aircraft is not entirely represented in the DVD´s, just part of them.

Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate your honest and detailed assessment of these discs. You have really told me exactly what I needed to know.

Many people read my post, but you took the time to help me out. Thank you.

Eventually, I think I will have to purchase a few of these sets. At least I know what to expect, and I will probably not be in a rush to buy more than one right now. I am pretty obsessed with everything Fw190 these days, so I may go for that one.

Thanks again!


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