C-87? C-109? "Allergic To Combat"

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Oct 5, 2006
New Jersey
looking for any information on this aircraft i do know that it was featured on the cover of a book called "Aviation Annual of 1945" in color but i only know that it was in the 11th transport group. I want info becasue my grandfather was crew chief of this plane any info would be appreciated:)
C-87 was a converted B-24D - the C-109 was a converted B-24J/M - cargo aircraft.

yeah i know that but this paticular aircraft was refered to as a C-109 and C-87 im trying to figure out the history of this plane
thanks for the intel i just don't know the tail number and i can only go of the cover of the book to find the plane, and it is rumored to carry two names "Allergic to Combat" and "Disentary Special"
cool i really would like to find more info for my grandma becasue thet was her husbands plane

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