Calais Liberator and PoW interrogation

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Sep 1, 2019
A UK friend has been translating a German language book "Rotterdam Protokol". It includes a lengthy interrogation of a US aircrew member who talks expansively about the AN/APS-15 radar. The interview is dated 26/4/44 but his date of capture is unknown.

At a similar time a B-24 was captured near Calais with an intact AN/APS-15 Meddo set. It is not known if the prisoner was from that aircraft.

Most of the information he supplied is about the use of the radar in A/S. He also referred to being involved with B-18A Bolo MAD aircraft in the Gulf of Mexico in May 1943. His remarks muddle MAD and sonobuoy characteristics together either to mislead the Germans or through poor understanding.

Can anyone throw light on the airman and his aircraft/unit/history?

Possibly he was in an A/S squadron based at Dunkeswell until the AAF withdrew to be replaced by USN units. He might have moved to 8th Air Force at that time.

And the identity of the Calais B-24?

Calais is away from the normal A/S areas which were the Bay of Biscay and the west of Ireland at that time. It seems more likely that it was a bomber aircraft.
It now seems likely that the Calais aircraft was 42-7586 Q-Queen from 701 Squadron 8th Air Force lost on 3rd March 1944. This is in conflict with some information on the Mighty Eighth website.
Was the airman from that plane? Where could a crew list be found?
Made some great progress following the MACR link above.

The "Calais" Liberator(s) turned out to belong to 328th Service Group, 36 Bomb Detachment on Clandestine Ops delivering supplies to the French Resistance. Two a/c being shot down on successive nights near Doullens, crashing within 5km of each other.

QUESTION #1 - The aircraft were described as B-24DSA. Can anyone detail the electronics fit and any modifications for supply dropping to the resistance?

QUESTION #2.Can anyone detail the 482BG Pathfinder Liberator B-24HSH electronics fit?

Anyone able to help?

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