Junkers Ju88 R1 and R2 production numbers

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Dec 11, 2015
I have failed to find the number of R1s and R2s produced. Anyone have some information on that or can point me in a direction? Thanks!
No details on Ju88R1 production, R2 looks like it was built from around July 1943 to June 1944, initially reported as offsets to Ju88C6 figures, around 186 Ju88R2.
190 R-2 were built per RLM data, its possible several more were originally built as C-4/R2 (R-1) or C-6/R2 (R-2) and not accounted for in separate R-1/R-2 listings.
Its highly doubtful the R-2 was built into mid 44
The information I have is
Ju88C final production of 1 in January 1944.
Ju88R2 final production 3 in April 1944, 1 more in June.
Ju88G first production of 1 in September 1943, 18 in the final quarter of 1943, 85 in the first quarter of 1944, then 169 in April and production of over 200 a month until December
Thanks for this information!!!

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