can anyone identify this plane?

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Oct 18, 2005
Bedfordshire, England

i know this is a long shot but can anyone identify tha privitly owned silver aeroplane in this picture. it is alot smaller than anything around it. it is a single engined low winged plane. it is a full sized plane as it flew out at the end of the display but sadly my camers whas pointed elsewhere so i did not get a photo then. i know the photo is poor quality but it has been cut out of alot larger shot.
Agreed it is a bit too small but a possibility is a micro like these, the 2 on the right are Cassut's and the left hand job is a Cosmic wind but as the image is so poor i'm sure there are dozens of small kit built planes simler in profile


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no its not one of them. its got a low wing and the fusalage is to tall. i cannot enlarge that picture as that has been cropped down from a larger picture.
i'm goner go with a Gardan Mini Cab dont ask me what year perhaps 1950's


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