Can you help please??

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Oct 17, 2005
I have recently come across this wheel,together with a Spitfire wheel,on a farm near to me. I was wondering if maybe all you buffs out there may have a good idea what it may have come off?Thanks in advance,hope I can get the pic on.Huffy


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Well thanks very much flyboy,I had been doing a lot of looking here and there and have seen a pic of a P51 with what I took to be a similar style wheel.
Apologies to everyone for not thanking you for allowing me the place to post such a question,I like the site a lot.Also sorry for putting such a biggggg picture on,anyone not on broadband would have to wait an age to download it :oops:
Going back to the wheel,was it likely that the same type were fitted to several different fighter types(American)??
The tyre is indeed a C27 Firestone Sky Champion ,made in Canada.

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