Can you ID this wrecked aircraft?

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Mar 27, 2023
I'm not very good at identifying aircraft, even when they're in working condition. Can someone help me with this one?



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I agree with Airframes. The machine gun is the soviet 7,62 mm SzKAS. It is the variant used for a gun turret in 1940. So it may suggest a soviet plane with the gunner station ( mostly the top rear one ) powered by the inline engine. IMHO it could be the Tupolev SB-2M-103.
Thanks guys, you've already been a big help. I was wondering what type of gun that was. Cheers!

I'd say the MG is defiantly a ShKas MG. But from an air gunners position as it's got a pistol grip.

Engine and prop behind him could be Ar-2, with tanks, ducting from within the wing from foreground left to right

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