Captured P-47 Thunderbolt with Nazi insignia

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Feb 26, 2022
Captured P-47 Thunderbolt in Germany.jpg

Thank you, I am not a pro at this nor use Photoshop. I do these for fun, as it is relaxing. It is usually done in 30/45 minutes. I think the end result usually adds a different perspective, even when it is not perfect. I will work on fixing it. I should have done more research. I am working on a P-47 now, and I think I got it right. I will post it later.
The book that Peter mentioned is -

"Luftwaffe Test Pilot" by Hans-Werner Lerche.

Two others that may also be of interest are -

"In Enemy Hands" by Bryan Phillpott


"Foreign Planes in the Service of the Luftwaffe " by Jean-Louis Roba.
It would seem that the first "Luftwaffe " P-47 was 42-2240, of the 355FG which landed on November 7th 1943 at Carpiquet,France she became T9+FK.
The one in the photo, T9+LK was it seems from the 301stFS/332ndFG, captured on May 29th 1944 in Italy.
There were others but at this time I do not have details .
squadron/Signal book, "Strangers in a Strange land",

Thanks, I forgot those two books 😳

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