Caudron-Renault CR 714 Heller 1:72

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Dec 14, 2022

Short comment on the Caudron CR 714
Excerpt from my work on the Battle of Britain

Desperate for fighter aircraft, the French accepted stopgap solutions such as the Caudron CR 714. Caudron specialized in fast school aircraft rather than military aircraft. Derived from a racing aircraft, this light fighter was created. Unfortunately, it was underpowered and climbed poorly, besides being unreliable under these conditions and basically unfit for combat. The French rejected it outright. They tried to sell her to the even more desperate Finns, but even these unassuming northerners could do nothing with this elegant machine. As escaped Polish pilots offered themselves for air combat along with some Czechs, the Caudrons were offered to them with disdain. The Poles were also dissatisfied, but they got nothing else. Now something surprising happened: of the 35 planes only 18 were ready to fly, with which the Poles achieved 12 safe (4 Do 17, 3 Bf 109 and 5 Bf 110) plus 2 probable kills with 4 own losses.

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