Cavalry Sabres

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    Between the 1st of January 1861 and the 30th of June 1866 the Federal army of the United States purchased some 203,285 Light cavalry sabres, 189,114 Heavy cavalry sabres and 1,279 Cavalry officers sabres.

    The 41-inch long Light cavalry sabre was first made in 1857. It had a curved blade 1-inch wide at the hilt, a brass half-basketguard, Phrygian helmet pattern pommel, and a black leather-coverered grips bound with twisted wire with a swell in the centre. The sabre was marked, like all Army swords, at the top of the blade with the maker's name, date and inspector's initials.

    The sabres of all enlisted men had a sabre-knot of either dark brown bridle, or buff leather. This strap was 1-inch wide and 30-inches long. One end of the strap was fastened to a 3-inch tassel; the other end passing through the tassel after going around the sabre guard, then beng fastened by one of the tassel tags. During the course of the war the Army purchased 225,975 of these.

    The M1840 Heavy cavalry sabre was somewhat similar to the Light cavalry sabre, and differed only in having a blade an 1.1/4-inch wide at the hilt, and with no swell in the grips. Officers' sabres were basically the same but with a floral design cast into the hilt.

    All U.S. cavalry sabres were sheathed on bright or browned iron scabbards with two attachment rings.

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