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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
I came accross this awfully cheap remaints of Czechoslovakian RAF pilots in WW2. Check the list there! I know you don't speak Czech but some of the things are more then obvious. When it's the name, it once was a personal belonging of that pilot. Current bid is at $25... :shock: :!:

Konvolut RAF (188242501) - Aukro

1 CZK = 0,0486 USD
1 USD = 20,58 CZK


1 CZK = 0,0357 EUR
1 EUR = 28,0279 CZK

I wish you happy bidding! 8)
Where ya been, Pisis?
Life, you know that? ;)

Very cool. Careful what you order though. As a long time militaria collector I can tell you there are lots of fakes out there.
Yes, I'm aware of that. However, this guy is serious, he describes every item and if it is not an original, he tells. Thanks for reminding me though. 8)
But it's not fake. Though, it will elevate up to cca $100-$300 at the end, if not more...

No prob just looking out for you.
Of course, I was kidding, too. :)
I was not saying it was fake. I was saying even if it were a fake 25 dollars would be worth it still.

You should see some of the fakes I come across like a fake Iron Cross 1st Class with wrong clasp and metal composition and some idiot pays 200 dollars for it.

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