Cockpit panel from RAF Mustang III, ‘liberated” from crashed aircraft 21.3.45. Any ideas of value?

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Jan 20, 2012
Roskilde, Denmark
Can anyone help?
I have what I believe to be a rare and unique piece of history with accompanying documentation. It is a perspex cockpit panel from NA Mustang III - KH446, belonging to 64 Squadron RAF, the pilot was Robert C. Hamilton RAAF.
This Mustang was one of 28 others that flew as escort for the legendary low-level attack by Mosquitoes from 140 Wing on the Gestapo HQ , Shell House, Copenhagen, March 21, 1945.
The Mustang was damaged by flak over the city, Hamilton managed to nurse his machine as far as Jutland on the return flight, but the engine overheated due to lack of oil pressure. He skilfully belly landed on the banks of a small lake, close to Lønborg, a village near to the west coast.
Hamilton survived the landing, he was taken prisoner and ended the war at Stalag Luft 1, Barth.
The perspex panel was liberated by a local farmer that observed the forced landing, close to his farm. He managed to remove the panel before a number of Luftwaffe personnel arrived on the following day to salvage the aircraft. The documentation is a type written letter, signed in ink from the farmer outlining the story.
I have owned this panel for almost 40 years, it was given to me by my late father in law.
It is in excellent condition, no damage, the perspex has very minor surface marks, most of the original paint is present. There is some rust to inner sides of the turn studs, however they all function.

Now to my question!
Can anyone give me some idea of it's value?
I need an approximate idea for insurance purposes and also in the event of my death, the item will be part of my estate left to my wife and children.
Any ideas?

Thanks and regards to one and all.
Beautiful razorback rear panel. I would put £1200 - 1500 but tbh, try finding another one, especially with such history

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