Colors p-51d "ol flak joe"

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ajcmac, Jun 21, 2015.

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    I'm building a P-51 Tamiya in 1/32 scale

    P-51 D 217.jpg

    and using a EagleCals decals sheet for the "Ol Flak Joe."

    P-51 D 084.jpg

    A sheet of decals says:

    "Ole Flak Joe 'P-51D-10-NA, 44-14532, B6-O flown by Lieutenant William Fricker of the 363rd Fighter Squadron. The notes Accompanying the placement guide advise That It is Likely que the machine's upper surfaces Have Been painted with Royal Air Force paints, "dark green" on it's upper surface and "gray" (likely "medium sea gray") on its undersides though the United States Army Air Force colors of olive drab and neutral gray respectivamente are Also a Possibility. The advised in the review for Their First sheet (ECD-101) the colors worn by the 357th's P-51s have long Been debated with opinions divided between US Army Air Force olive drab and neutral gray, and RAF "dark green" and "gray "with still others arguing que the undersides Could have even Remained in the natural finish metal que They Were delivered in. She wears the standard yellow and red chequerboard and group stripe markings to her nose and spinner respectivamente as well as the red rudder to Distinguish her 363rd Fighter Squadron as a bird. Also she wears a set of white identification bands theater que Were applied to Distinguish the P-51 from the I-109 around her wings and horizontal stabilisers (you will have to paint on yourself Them As They are not provided in decal form. "

    What will be the most accurate colors?

    Thanks for all the help you can provide me.


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    From what I've read from various accounts, including info published by the late Roger Freeman, author and recognised 'authority' on the 8th USAAF, who was around at the time, as a schoolboy, and made copious, accurate colour notes, I'd agree with RAF Dark Green, and RAF Medium Sea Grey. The colour shades certainly look closer to the RAF colours, compared to OD and NG, in colour photos from the period, and tally with the info that the paints came from British stocks.

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