Crew of a Lockheed Hudson

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Fatboy Coxy

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Aug 24, 2019
Hi all, the crew of a Lockheed Hudson coastal reconnaissance aircraft is stated at five. I'm guessing this was Pilot, Co-Pilot, Navigator, Radio Operator, and gunner for the Boulton-Paul dorsal turret. Have I got that right?
According to the memoirs of a Hudson pilot early war crews were generally 2 pilots sharing the navigation, rather than pilot and navigator. Using the Coastal Command Losses Volume I by Ross McNeill most 1939 to 1941 RAF Hudson losses on operations had 4 man crews with the occasional 5 man.

According to the RAAF Organisation Memorandums as of 20 January 1941, Hudson Crew for a General Reconnaissance sortie,
1st Pilot, Officer
2nd Pilot, Officer or Airman
2 x Wireless Air Gunner, Airman

On 22 March the second pilot was upgraded to officer. On 5 March 1942 the same crew for bombing operations as well. As of 8 June 1942 it was changed to
Pilot, Officer
Nav (B), Officer
2 x Wireless Air Gunner, Officer or Airman
Air Gunner, Airman
Depends on the submodel - many only had the single pilot seat but a significant number had dual controls.

From ADF serials - about 20 of the RAAF Hudson's of most/all Mk's had dual controls


From my library

The following RAAF Organisation Memoranda give air crew establishments (crew size and roles) for RAAF Squadrons (Home Defence) by type of aircraft and mission.

OM27 20-Jan-41
OM33 22-Mar-41
OM86 5-Mar-42
OM103 29-Apr-42
OM129 29-Jun-42
OM141 20-Jul-42
OM151 22-Aug-42
OM166 22-Sep-42
OM198 3-Dec-42
OM310 8-Jun-42
OM338 5-Aug-43
OM345 17-Aug-43
OM352 26-Aug-43
OM407 24-Dec-43
OM460 11-Apr-43
OM487 17-May-44
OM503 1-Jun-44
OM528 10-Jul-44
OM567 12-Sep-44
OM579 2-Oct-44
OM647 28-Dec-44
OM721 2-Oct-44
OM733 26-May-45
OM743 25-Jun-45
OM757 27-Jul-45

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