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cheddar cheese

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Ok, right, the Do-635. Just heard that it was suposed to be a Zwilling version of the Pfeil; any pictures or information?
I understand it to be a union of two Do 335 fuselages and outer wing sections, joined together by a new center section and that it wasn't operational. International Historic Films has a short documentary on the Do 335, if you are interested in seeing that. It has film of the Do 335A in flight but I can't recall if it has any of the 335B or not. It doesn't mention the 635 though.
Monogram- Monarch has a book on the Do335, as well as the Ar234. Worth buying.

Do335 - ISBN 0-914144-52-9
Ar234 - ISBN 0-914144-51-0
well kind of but remember she'd be heavy and would need two engines to keep going........

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