Douglas Aircraft, MIM-14, Nike Hercules Ground to Air Guided Missile

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    Greetings Guys, and Gals,

    The Nike Hercules was one of the United States Army's high altitude guided missiles
    used during the cold war.

    Some of the set of photos that I restored for the Army, and various friends, in the late 90's

    ..... Hike Hercules missiles at McGregor Missile Range, part of White Sands Missile Range,
    New Mexico, USA, photo taken in the 60's....... Note: There are two launchers, and two
    Hercules re-loads, ready to be push on to the launchers.

    .... [​IMG] .... Nike Hercules at NAMFI on the Greek Island of Crete, 1970's .... [​IMG]

    .... US Army launch, Nike Hercules, NAMFI, 70's .... [​IMG] .... NAMFI, 70's .... [​IMG] .... [​IMG]

    Nike Ajax photos may be found here:

    More photographs are adaptable at James Ball's web site ..... Nike-Hercules Photos
    Check out his Index for Nike Ajax, (MIM-3), and the MIM-23 Hawk missile system.



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