Drop Tank ?

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Mar 19, 2021
What is this drop Tank please ? Found in the Woods in France.


The stamped & drawn sheet metal hanger fittings (aka supports) on your DT look the same as those used on some (early?) 75 USgal DT. The filler tube is located closer to the nose than on the later US 75 USgal DTs I am familiar with.

There were some early 75 USgal DT used on the P-51/A-36 (with a similar filler tube location) that were constructed using two stamped & drawn half-shells for the tank body with the visible projecting seams. Here are 2 pictures of the tank on an A-36A in Italy - note the similar stress marks in the shell body just behind the filler tube. The difference I see here is that the tank has cast hanger fittings.
A-36A w:stamped 75 USgal DT.jpg

A-36A w:stamped 75 USgal DT_02.jpg
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Hello, thank you very much ;)

The A-36 was only used in Italy in 1942 and 1943.
what was this tank doing in France in a forest?
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The RAF used the Mustang Mk I (~P-51) and Mk II (~P-51A) in France from mid-'42(?) mainly for recon (I think) so there is a good chance the tank could be from one of them.

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