Dumb question.

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Chocks away!

Senior Airman
Jan 16, 2005
How do I upload a display picture? I don't seem to have anything small enough!
Everything is in JPEG format. :confused:


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Glad to be of service - nice pic! :cool:

You can also upload pics to the albums, (same way - just click on the 'upload' button) and it'd be great if you did. :D

Size isn't an issue there as well.
Sure I will folks. Hey sorry if i'm a pain in the butt-but it seems you guys have a pic as a sort of signature-how do you attach a photo permanently in that way? :oops:
Bloody hell chocks you know more than me I've had the same sig since 2003 as I couldn't remember how to do it .
Nice sig by the way however there is no way their goner out run a jet
on that thing :lol:
although you do realise chocks away is only supposed to be said on the ground, it's the taking of the chocks from the weels??
They'd probably be sighting the guns, so they needed it pointing straight forward.

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