EAA Requests 2007

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Aug 21, 2006
Ok, I figured I would open this thread for those looking for specific picture's and manuals. During the EAA I will be looking for new manuals to post here. Mainly WWII if I'm lucky along with trainer manuals. So if you are interested in one of the subjects please make your request here as long as its not already available here.

Also if there is a specific aircraft of WWII that some one is looking for I will them and post them here for the modelers.

This way if there are a few requests then I will have a list ready when I go. As of right now I have the whole week off and depending on the weather I will be there every day for the full 7 days. Should be a fun week. Gunther Rall is suppose to be there for a presentation so I am hoping to ask a question or two along with a few more aces that are listed in the EAA 2007 museum list area.

Remember EAA does not start till July 23. This gives people time for requests.

PS there are no guarantees but will try.

I'm looking for pictures and info on TBM-3Q. The Navy's first electronic warfare aircraft.

They always have 2 or 3 TBM's there. Never seen one set up for a TBM-3Q but will look.

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