Exploitative .....?

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I thought that was a badass short. Especially for an advertisement.

Typically, an ad will show you smiling people enjoying the product in a fantasy world and usually situations that would be impossible to reproduce in real life.

But this...this ad touched on a broad range of topics without shoving their product in your face. It put a nearly forgotten war to the front page, it showed the harsh conditions of the front: hunger, fear, apprehension, homesickness.

It also showed that humans can have a spark of civility even under the worst of times and it did so with remarkable accuracy.

The only thing I did not like about the ad, is that there are not more like it.
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More people were talking about this commercial than had seen it. To that extent it's a brilliant piece of advertising. I don't have any problem with it, I think it's rather well done in fact. All advertising is exploitative in one way or another. This one just happens to exploit a well known interlude of humanity in the madness of the Western Front.

The advert supports the Royal British Legion through sales of the chocolate bar, a fact that seems to have been lost in all the noise surrounding it.

A couple of polls show that most British people did not find it 'distasteful', about 65%. More importantly the Advertising Standards Authority has not seen fit to act despite numerous complaints.



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