external differences between gnome rhone 14 N and P?

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aurelien wolff

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Sep 20, 2018
Hello! Asking because I'm considering doing a amiot 355 out of the mach 2 351 (at first, this variant was just a re engine amiot 351 so no need for much modification, I prefer that over trying to do a serial production amiot 354 who'd recquire a lot of scratch[note: planning on getting more kit for 351 and 354]), the kit (it's a short run but it's the only one available ont he market (heller wanted to do it once but never released it) Mach2 -GP015 Amiot 351/ 354 Thanks for your answers!
Actually the Amiot 355 was powered by the Gnôme-Rhône 14R-02/03, 1200 hp finally. So no P version but the R. However the improved 14R was initially known as the Gnome-Rhône 14P and then just the Gnome-Rhône 14R. There were several improvements such as the introduction of a longer crankshaft and crankcase with a centre bearing, an increase in cylinder capacity, and a two-speed compressor. The G-R 14R engine seems to be essentially the 14N with a 2-speed supercharger. The P variaint of the G-R engine for the Amiot 355 was the initial idea only.
It is said the Amiot 355 prototype was the Amiot 351 no.12 taken from the assembling lines and fitted with the G-R 14R engines. Because the Amiot 351 was powered by the G-R 14N series so there shouldn't be a big difference between the two variants.

Gnôme-Rhône 14N



Gnôme-Rhône 14R

the pic source: the net.
The G&R 14P was very close to the 14R, alias 14N-50 for the 1938 Salon.

Differences with 14 N:

- Modified main crankcase (including a central crankshaft bearing)
- Larger diameter distribution and reducer housing
- Reinforced finning
- Compressor with 7 outlets, and twin inlet pipes (as 14 M or Alvis license for 14N).
- Some little tubes between rockers housings.

You can find in the magazine Plein Ciel some shots of the 14 P presented statically in various shows.

Wurger, all G&R 14K, 14N, 14P and 14R engines had same capacity.

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