Fieseler Fi 167

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Mar 24, 2007
Too many times someone drops into a discussion forum with their hand out
looking to let someone else do their research for them. That is clearly not the
case here...:D

For the last seven months I have been reseaching, aka collecting images and
documentation on the Fieseler Fi 167 and 167 A. During this time I have many
images, color plates, drawings, even a crude CAD drawing. I have two plastic
models in 1/ vacuum formed the other an injected resin kit. I have
a card stock model in 1/48th. Last but not least...I have purchased four three
view drawings.

So, one would have to ask just what would Ed be in need of after all this...?
Well, in all this I do not have an accurate instrument panel. The card stock
model instrument panel was a "composition" of the artist's imagination. It did
not conform to RLM instrument layout, nor did it have proper instrumentation
for a DB 601.

If anyone has either a line art drawing or photograph of the Fi-167's front and
rear instrument panel and want to share it....:lurk: I would appreciate it!


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I will have to look through my collection, otherwise I will have a look to help you on the internet. Sometimes hard to find authentic looking panels though.
Im too looking for infomation on helping me build a 1/4scale version


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