Fleet Air Arm

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Apr 1, 2004
I want a list of every aircraft that served with the Fleet Air Arm from 1939-1945. No prototypes, no test aircraft and I don't need to know all the different sub-variants.

Just the aircraft that served properly with the FAA. I know it's a tall order but not as tall as the next I'm going to ask for.
You're kidding me, all those were used properly and extensively by the Fleet Air Arm? I won't be asking for another list for a while, this is goin' to be some work.

And thank you.
FAA 39-45 carrier aricrafts.

Torpedo bombers: Swordfish (39-45), Albacore (40-44), Avenger (43-45), Barracuda (43-45).
Fighter Bombers: Skua (39-40)
Fighters: Sea Gladiator (39-40), Roc (40) Fulmars (40-45), Sea Hurricane (41-45), Seafire(end 42-45 and later), Firefly (44-45),
Martlet/Wildcat (41-45), Corsair (43-45), Hellcat (43-45).

In 44-45 the Fulmar, Hurricane, Wildcats and Swordfish were used exclusively from CVEs, along with some Hellcat and Avenger, while Avenger, Barracuda, Seafire, Firefly, Corsairs and Hellcats were flown from fleet carriers.

Looks like a good list to me. No obvious ones jump out unless you want to include catapult planes such as the Fox, Seaplane Swordfish and Walrus

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