Fokker D.VII (MÁG) 1/48 (Eduard)....

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Aug 21, 2006
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Why is the propeller looking like this, it definitely looks odd....😳😲🤨🤔

It looks like the Austro-Hungarians liked the Knoller-Jaray prop ..

Aviatik Berg D.I
Aviatik Berg DI_a.jpg

Aviatik Berg DI_b.jpg

Aviatik Berg DI_c.jpg

Aviatik Berg D.II
Aviatik Berg DII_a.jpg

Aviatik Berg DII_b.jpg

Aviatik Berg DII_c.jpg

the source: the net.


W.K.F. Dr.I ( W.K.F. = Wiener Karosserie - und Flugzeugfabrik Dr W v Gutmann )



the surce: the net.

W.K.F. DD type C

the source: the net.
Much obliged my friend! 🤜🏻🤛🏻🍻
That's some weird props, made me think of contra rotating propellers first, but it's too early for that, isn't it? 🤨🤔

Why this way?
Aviatik Berg DI_b.jpg
A couple of sources says that the propeller was the contra-rotaing prop. But in fact , it wasn't. The images with the W.K.F. Dr.I in, clearly shows the spinner doesn't allow to move the two props separately. IMHO the prop was used because of the power plant to limit the head drag and keep the correct trust to the engine maximal power.

And more info ...

The special four-bladed propeller actually consisted of two two-bladed propellers intentionally not mounted together at 90°, as clearly visible. An Austro-Hungarian patent covered these propellers, which were produced by the Jaray propeller factory in Vienna. This type of propeller was only used by the Austro-Hungarian forces.

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