German Aircraft flown by RAF!

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Oct 24, 2006
At any point during WW11. Did any RAF pilots fly German Aircraft on special missions. Are there any records of German aircraft landing at RAF stations during WW2.:?:
I belive a Ju-88 R-1 landed at a british aerodrome in early stages of the war but there is a mystery around it, we don't know if it was flown in by a pilot of the Luftwaffe working for the British or was just fourced down
There is a good book on it titled The Captive Luftwaffe by Putnam press. Shows many captured RLM aircraft in RAF markings. A very good writeup on many Ju-88. The RAF pilots really liked them.
Ah, an interesting subject on whether captured Luftwaffe aircraft were used as wolves in sheep's clothing against enemy targets. Have to be pretty strategic to go to that trouble the target though...
Near the end of 1942 a German pilot landed his Fw 190A-3 at Pembrey in South Wales while being disorientated.He secured the RAF a perfect example of this aircraft although by that time it was being superseded by the A-4 variant onthe production line.
I mean that if the pilot went down for any reason, they could be shot as a spy under the terms of the Geneva Convention. Legally I mean...
Allied crews told of "phantom" B17's shadowing the bomber streams. Supposedly Luftwaffe crews in captured planes calling in the fighters. Never heard of the Allies doing it, though. Probably because they never had to. If the German B17 had gone down, it would be on friendly turf, no Geneva complications.
Faber's FW190 was a plum piece of luck for British intel. They were on the verge of a "Firefox" style two man raid to steal a 190 when one dropped into their laps.
I have heard of He 115's being used by the RAF on missions involving agents. The He 115's being examples that escaped from Norway who purchased 6 before the war broke out.

Would love to have more details if anyone has any
Allied crews told of "phantom" B17's shadowing the bomber streams. Supposedly Luftwaffe crews in captured planes calling in the fighters.

That one actually has some factual basis. As well as calling in fighters on Allied bombers, the bombers were also supposedly used for agent dropping behind enemy lines. To top all of this off, sometimes the German B17 would play possum and let another bomber come and try to escort it home (before the P51 made a big appearance I would imagine), only to open up on the Allied B17 with all of its guns at the oportune moment.
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A Ju 88G-1 nachtjäger did a big boo-boo and landed in England thus giving the RAF a huge heads-up to the Flensburg and FuG 220 radar set so it could be jammed ........... something that actually set the NJG's back a step or two till wars end although they did in vain create other "toys" to try and fool the RAF jammers. Thje FuG 350Z Naxos saved the NJG nf's bacon on finding the RAF bomber streams many times, as it was nver blocked

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