germany builded VTOL planes?

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Dec 20, 2004


tough.. i couldnt really find a usefull text about this airplane.

but.. its the first supersonic VTOL ever build. but, the project was canseled, because it was to expensive.
i fount this french site.. tough.. i cant read it :(
If you go to the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany you can see many of these VTOL aircraft. There is a nice Dornier sitting out in front of it in the courtyard.
sweet.. unfortunately.. is a bit of a journey to munchen.
i live in the netherlands :)
to bad there were only made 2 of these planes... it performed really well.
but it costed even more :p
I personally dont think it would have been a very good aircraft, mostly because it would not have been cost effective.

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