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Oct 25, 2005
Thought it might be a good idea to stick all google video finds in the one thread, so add any you feel are good or worth seeing here.

Nellis Aviation Nation 2004 airshow, greatfootage and editing, warbirds to modern stuff, one of my favourites

some rarish Su-24 video from Russia

Modern Military Jets compilation

Modern Military Jets part 2 compilation

Soviet footage from afghan war

Low F/A-18 pass


Looks like a Sukhoi promo video from MAKS 2005

F-15s simultaneously fire missiles at targets

More F-15 exercises (from cockpit)

Finnish Air Force F/A-18 demo

More F-22

Colour guncam footage of P-51 shooting 109G(I think)

F4U training video

P-47 training video

B-17 wartime colour video (some P-47s also)

WW2 short propaganda film (allied) fight for the sky (lots of guncam footage)

109s colour wartime film

lots of colour and footage film from ww2 compilation (set to various classic war film music)

RAF Typhoons in action

Battle of Britain footage (apparently)

Lancia Stratos vs Hawker Hunter drag race!

and again

L29 and Sea Furies

United Airlines jet blast demo

Alpha Jet demo video

Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari vs. Italian Air Force F104 Jet Fighter 1981


XB-70 Valkyrie

Veterns fly B-17 again

B-2 in iraq


Eastbourne Airshow 2005

Swiss Mirages

Lancaster movie - 514 squadron

Low level F-16s in Norway

F-4s fire rockets in Vietnam

B-52 carpet bombing

Topgun intro scene

C-130 very hard landing (wing breaks off!)

Me163 Komet

A321 hairy landing attempt!

Soviet WW2 aircraft footage


Strafing ships

Airliners stock footage

F-5s doing stuff


A-10 demo

Rafale, one day one deck short movie


Eurofighter promo video (hilariously bad and wrong on so many levels)

Mirage IV

Mirage III

F-15 tribute

F-22 from lockheed martin


Mystere II

Dassault VTOL experiments

Mirage 2000 promo

US Navy seals (not aviation but cool nonetheless)

F-22 USAF recruiting video

Rafale - Global Punch

Dassault evolution film (history of dassault)

Mirage Deltas

More Mirage 2000 (dont the french have anything better to do than shameless self promotion?)

Mirage 4000

Dassault Falcon

Gripen promo

More Dassault self promotion

US jets compilation

F-14 tribute
Gordon Bennett! Thassalot! Thanksalot!

Great idea for a thread. GV is a treasure trove but not easy to get to the good stuff. But then maybe that's why it is fun.

One of mine is up there - a short clip of the Harvard landing. Have not had time to look at it lately but will now return.

Unbelievably there's just two vid clips from Duxford, t'other is the Rapide which gives pleasure frights:

Which partly explains my enthusiasm to upload some of my other vids.

Regular viewers may recall my mistakenly labelling one of my vids on this site as being the Turkish Stars when in fact it was the Swiss AF team. Well, c/o GV you can enjoy the sublime TS:
Anyone know what the decoy thingy is on the Eurofighter video??
Not sure why it needs it if it can just light the reheat and outrun a (I think IR!) missile, god those promo videos are such a load of crap, you'd think someone somewhere might have spotted some of the numerous fantasies masquerading as truth in that video, oh well never underestimate marketing bods I guess.
GEC-Marconi is also working on towed decoys for the Eurofighter. Two units are integrated into the EF2000 right wingtip mounted pod.
see also:
they must think it is really useful since they had to make it withstand the reheat plume.
In large aircraft, such as the Nimrod, a winch can be installed, allowing the retraction of the decoy before landing. Otherwise, the cable is cut, losing at least $10000 for each decoy deployment.
"The decoy protects the host aircraft and its crew against guided missiles by providing a more attractive radar target and luring RF missiles away from the aircraft and to the decoy. The most rigorously tested ECM system in U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy history, the ALE-50 has successfully countered numerous live firings of both surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles.

"U.S. military pilots have nicknamed the decoy "Little Buddy".
Interesting. Never heard of them before. They would have to be towed quite far back for the host to escape the blast of the missile though.
few more
warbird tribute video
XB-70 startup and taxi
in flight
B47 propaganda vid
B29 bombing
B2 spirit
B17 ride along
warbird adventures (T6)
all red star 2005 dvd trailer
a mentors symphony (t34b)
GROM - Polish elite forces
Czech military advert
polish copter in iraq advert
us navy vs japan aircraft ww2
check out more from this user for more historic news footage
ww2 guncam footage
hurricane IIc vs captured Ju88
Russian WW2 footage
german panzer footage
Ju87 stukas
shotdown, ww2 footage
guncam footage, shorts sunderland?
german guncams
colour 109 footage
P-47s taking off with 500lb bombs
US guncam vs german trains

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