Greetings from New York

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Lou IV

Sep 16, 2005
Hello all:

This is actually a re-introduction. I have just rediscovered this site after an almost one-year haitus. I am a WWII commercial aviation buff amateur aviation "historian". I also like to build plastic models of the subject, mostly in the larger scales (1/48, 1/32) because that way it is easier to put small motors and/or lights in them to make them look more realistic.

I myself am not a vet, but my father is (he has a Silver Star), and I have the most profound admiration, respect, and gratitude for ALL who have served.

You have all posted excellent threads with a lot of detailed information and a lot of photos - thank you very much. I will stop by more often and hope to return the favor and contribute as well.

Thank you!

-Lou IV
Hello Erich:

Actually my Father just missed serving in WWII (too young). He was a Master Sargeant in the Army (Infantry) and served in Korea. One night his platoon was pinned down during heavy gunfire, with no reinforcements available.

The "flash guard" on his platoon's only machine gun was blown off and he crawled out of his foxhole and went looking for it himself in the darkness (naturally he could have easily ordered someone to look for it).

Somehow he found it without getting shot, put it back on the machine gun, relocated to another foxhole, and was able to provide cover for his men until they were all able to get out of there. He was the last one out and no one was lost that night.

Apparently an officer witnessed part of what happened, interviewed some of the men, then recommended him for the medal. He didn't get seriously hurt during the war but almost got killed in an auto accident a few days after he came back!

Thanks for asking . . .

-Lou IV

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