Hawaii aircraft pic from my family

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Oct 5, 2006
My family has always said that this photo is from after the Pearl Harbor attack. I know that this is a prewar style paint scheme, and I didn't know if any planes painted like this were shot down. It looks more like a crash than bomb damage, etc. I do know for certain that one of the people in the pic is a great uncle of mine and it was taken on Oahu. That isn't smoke in the background, by the way. On the original you can tell. I am looking for some photos that my relatives have of my grandfather in Germany just after the war at an airfield where German fighters were stacked up to be scrapped. I know there was an ME 262, and I remember there was also a 2 seat trainer. I seem to recall it was a 109 or 262, but I don't remember seeing any of those in any books or anything.


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