Hellcats on Ice

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unfortunately i haven't got time to watch it all now but that should go well with the thread about this a few weeks back, a very clever idea would've loved to see the real thing materialise...........
i watched that whole program a few monthes on the History Channel ago they actually started to build it until the war ended and the idea was scraped if memory serves me right
Just curious. If it was a strong, bulletproof and long lasting aircraft carrier as the planners said it would be, how come the USA simply scrapped the plans to build one? Too expensive to keep this floating Island from melting? :)

I mean it would be pretty cool today to have an Aircraft Carrier that could fly B-52's from it's deck.
WOW, that was cool. But one can't help to wonder if it's really workable, why is there no other military or civlian development over the last 60 years.
why not? because of the B-36, B-52 and American and British carriers, the ice carriers were suggested to get B-29s within range of Japan, the B-36 and B-52 can reach anywhere in the world from America or even Britain anyway so nothing's needed to get them closer to their targets, and the carriers of the cold war (i'm talking about a time when Britain maintained a conventional carrier force with nuclear armed buccaneers) allowed considderable air power to be positioned anywhere in the world within a very short space of time, with all these advances in range, the world suddenly looked a LOT smaller in the cold war..........
Well I'm talking about other uses of the material such as transportation, floating hotels or casinos. Maybe it's too costly or difficult to use.

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