Help ID'ing a plane

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I took a picture of this airplane at Chino in June and can be darned if I can figure out what it is. Looks kind of like a Waco, but the enclosed cockpit is throwing me off. Anyone?


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Thanks for trying, but the one you posted is a YPF with an enclosed rear cockpit. The one I posted is a single seater. It could be a modified YPF or UPF, but something doesn't quite look right for it to be one of those.
I'm not going to decide either way. But they do look very similar. Except, as Eric pointed out, the first has dimples on the cowling. And the paint jobs are very slightly different, the second has no black rim on the tail like the first does. And the props on the first have bands painted on them.

But I don't know anything - so I'll back out ... now.
Eric the planes to me look the same other than the cowling like you mentioned. You would know better than me but is it not possible just the cowling was changed for some reason?

Just a thought
they're not exactily the same aircraft as, like evan says, the second one does have a small cockpit forward of the rear one, but i think you're proberly right evan in saying your one is a modified YPF or UFF because they look identical in every other respect.......
do you recall if the a/c had a an access panel on the starboard side possibly used for mail I am thinking it might have been designed as mail plane from the 20s or 30s
Not sure on either, guys. I will lok for it again the next time I am down that way. Probably best to ask the actual owner, and get the N number registration. It does have similarities to the one Kiwi posted, but there are some subtle differences, so I am still unsure.

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