HMS NABOB torpedoed

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Admiral Beez

Oct 21, 2019
Toronto, Canada
On this day in 1944 the Canadian-manned escort carrier HMS NABOB was torpedoed while taking part in an air strike against the German battleship TIRPITZ during the Second World War.

The destroyer HMCS ALGONQUIN took 203 of NABOB's crew as a precaution, but despite the 32-foot (9.75 meter) hole in the aft starboard side, the ship was able to return to port in northern Scotland under its own power.

Fascinating, I'd never heard of her.
Interestingly, after surviving the hit by the Type VII submarine U-354, HMS Nabob ended her career under German ownership, converted to a merchant ship as the Nabob of Norddeutscher Lloyd, shown below in 1964.


As before...


Which reminds me of the first escort carrier, HMS Audacity, converted from the German-owned merchant ship Hannover, also owned by Norddeutscher Lloyd, and torpedoed by U-751, also a Type VII submarine.
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