How Common Was the Friendly Fire accident in Luftwaffe and its Allies?

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Oct 21, 2021
Since Allied air force friendly fire accident is fairly known even RAF told its pilots to aware with AAF, how common this kind of accident in Axis air force?
Thanks for the link. I am just wondering if that kind of situation is common or not. I have read a US P 47 shot down the Tempest.

I am also wondering how about the Italians, Hungary and Japan friendly fire accidents.
Well the Battle of Barking Creek kicked off the air war over UK. The actions taken are indicative of things happening. The Germans painted Bf 109s noses yellow. The Typhoon got black and white stripes. In the Pacific the red circles were removed from allied fighters. Post D-Day only P-38s operated near the fleet because they were so trigger happy. In the LW I read of an RAF pilot lining up a shot on a bomber in the BoB when the bomber exploded with what was obviously cannon fire from a 109. Bodenplatte had a lot of losses to friendly fire as the ground gunners hadnt been warned.
Recognition is a key factor and in combat, it can be hard to tell friend from foe.
Plenty of accounts in the Pacific Theater where the KI-43 was mistaken for the A6M and in Bulgaria, one of the worst days for the Bulgarian air force, was due to the Bulgarians assuming that approaching P-51s (whom they had not yet encountered) were Bulgarian Bf109s from another Eskadrila (squadron).
My personal favourite example from the allied side was a squadron of Tempests that saw a number of 109's about to bounce some UAASF P47's and attacked first. Their thanks, was to be attacked by the P47's, the Tempests simply ran, the P47's followed, firing at long range until they gave up.
The Tempests checked their aircraft and found that not one of them had been hit. That evening the Squadron Leader flew to the American fighter unit and found them celebrating their, I think it was twelve kills, they had been awarded for the days work. How I would have like to been a fly on the wall for that conversation

My second favourite was a P51 that attacked some Spitfires, they saw him coming and evaded the attack. However he kept attacking and the Spitfires kept evading until the Spits were given permission to fire back, but only with their .303's. This they happily did and the P51 was hit a number of times and finally flew off.

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