How is this not in the news? Last surviving WW2 VC recipient's 103rd birthday!!!

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It was. Last Saturday.

It just didn't make the main pages cos it was the weekend

Hmmm...that link is from his 100th birthday in 2020.

Still a poor show that we, collectively, ignore such a brave man's 103rd birthday. From my reading of his personality, he probably wouldn't want a fuss to be made. Still, he won't have many more birthdays and the country should be thankful for every one of our surviving WW2 veterans as representatives of those of their generation who have already passed...especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Sorry. Posted wrong links.

Sorry. Posted wrong links.

Thanks for posting that second link, Ewen. Glad to see he was recognized. I can only hope to be as spry as he appears should I manage to clear as many birthdays as him.

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